What is it the best traffic resource?

Traffic, visitors, search engine… Are all connected. If you get to launch your WebSpace in this circle, than the game is done. Are search engine the best way to get traffic? Or Google AdWords? Better pay for visitors or post in forums and blogs? The free ways are often the preferred ones. Guessing that you need traffic to launch your business and to make money online, now we will examine different options:

  1. FREE Promotion plan (Blog or article content site):

    1. If your site is not yet indexed in Google, don’t suggest it through Google form, but wait that the spiders crawl it automatically, after the next steps.
    2. Write good content.
    3. Update more than three times a week.
    4. To promote your link tell about it to all your online friend, posting your link to their spaces [needs 30 minutes approximately, of course it will depend on how many friends you have].
    5. Join 2-3 forums (you may follow more, its up to you) on the same topic or more or less related to your site and start to post there showing your link in the signature [1-2 hour a day ~].
    6. Check online for other blogs on the same theme as yours and post comments – with your blog’s link – if you have something to say about a post, a sentence of 2 or more lines is better. [1 hour a day ~]
    7. Manual surf – like Easyhits4U.com – at least 15 seconds long, can help a lot at the very start. Don’t look for Autosurf, those automatic, useless and penalizing inexistent visitors.
    8. Join Yahoo! Answer, almost certainly there is one or more categories where you can say your point. Well, you can post links like “Source(s)”, not everywhere to spam but in the right question if you think your site is relevant.

  1. Promotion plan that requires budget (Blog or site)

    1. Follow the same point above, from a to d.
    2. PayPerPost:
      PayPerPost delivers online word of mouth marketing, brand building and traffic generation through the world's largest consumer generated advertising community and marketplace
      (if you can’t write regularly, this could help to gain constant returning visitors).
    3. Supposing you did not have the time and the will to comment in other blogs or post in forums and even less to surf for credits. The panorama for paid advertising service is wide and full of scams. How to find the right society? The experience of other people came in help in this case, and are sometimes a save of money. Before to buy an advertising service, check what others have to say about it, read reviews.

      • Once that you found the service you think is good for you, start to buy the less expensive Traffic Plan. The only one that I tested and found reliable is Revisitors.com (it will send to your site target traffic from expired domain).
      • Google AdWords: This is a working way to get targeted traffic for specific keywords and from specific country, however AdWords requires a moderate amount of money to start.
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    1. Advertise on popular WebSite (high Alexa rank): There are many site that publish advertising of third part, a link or a banner. Most of the time is requested a month fee, a standard sum is from 30 to even 100< dollars, in base of the quality of the site you’re promoting on.

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