Build Backlinks, some other advices

Preferred Backlinks characteristics:

  1. Related topic to your web spaces
  2. About average/high popularity web spaces, not perforce strong PageRank
  3. No on illegal, adult or warez (unless you need that sort of traffic). And .edu and .gov are domains better positioned by search engines than any others, and a backlinks on those domains are better valued.
  4. Check for Nofollow tag before to start anything
  5. Choose the right anchor (keyword) for any backlinks

How to search for and achieve those characteristics:

  1. This is enough simple, Google itself can help a lot. You want to search for “cars and motors” related sites/blogs? Just type that keyword “cars and motors” inverted commas included. But I think that you already know this, but maybe some of you don’t know that if you type "cars and motors" the results will be just topic related blogs in blogspot network. Same thing if you write "cars and motors" – and so on.
  2. Check site popularity:

    3. (Free registration, useful tools)

    This is important especially if you’re going to pay a text ads (for example) on some Website and you want to check if its worthwhile or not. And Alexa rank and number of pages indexed on search engine are more important than PR, a site can fake PR and even if a site has PR 5 but <3,000,000 on Alexa Rank your ads will not have a great visibility, if you paid for that.
  3. What happen if you link a Website with porn or illegal themes? Often this will cause a penalization on SERP (Search Engine Report Page) and therefore a loss of positions in Google. But what happened if you're linked by one of those sites, one way link? External sites can bring down your search engine rankings? Yes. It's like the same situation of having backlinks on totally non-related sites, they will be considered like SPAM, and for porn and illegal sites Google's countermeasures are heavier.
  4. One great FREE tool that I use is Search Status (Firefox Add on), before mentioned here: Firefox toolbar to analyze any website
  5. Anchor text link, or Alt tag for images, are what make Google spiders identify your site on another one. To explain better, I recur to the example of point 1: Your cars and motors' site needs backlinks, and you want to boost those three keywords to pass your opponents, Cars and Motors, Electric Cars and History of Cars. These keywords will be the Anchor
    <a href="">Cars and Motors</a>
    or Alt tag <img src="" alt="Electric Cars"><a href=""></a></img> in every backlinks.

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