Make money online ideas: Why not take a look on Yahoo! Answers?

What is it Yahoo! Answers? I think everybody know this, is a web service made available for free by Yahoo! Corporation. It allows you to post questions and receive answers on any topic, the site was born December 13, 2005.

How to make money online with the help of Yahoo! Answers? As always, the best way to make understand something is to show it through an example. Supposing that you have a site through which either you want to sell web templates or show guides and tutorials to make one. If you type in Yahoo! Answers search engine “web template” you can found questions like these: Where can I find web template I need?, Where can I find a KNIGHT theme web template?, How to make web template from picture?, how to make a web template expand to full web page?, etc…

You can sign up in Yahoo! Answers for free, if you don’t have an account already, after that, you can choose through the big amount of questions the ones that best meet your main target. Next, while posting your answer, add your site link like source.

Another example: In this other case, you don’t have a Website but want to sponsor and affiliate URL. Like the referral link of, for example. The procedure is nothing different to the one mentioned above: type in Yahoo! Answers search engine “traffic exchange”, you can found questions like these: What is the best traffic exchange website?, What is the best free traffic exchange site?, Any one know good sites for traffic exchange?, What is the best traffic exchange to get referrals?, What is the best autosurf site for traffic exchange?, and a lot more.
Typing your answer, after some lines of description about the site you’re suggesting, do not write just a link, add your referral url.

How to find make money online ideas with the help of Yahoo! Answers? Assume that you have a blog and that you want to update it often but sometimes you don’t have new ideas. Nowadays, what is it the best place to find out what people search online, and want to know, about a specific topic?Yahoo! Answers. Example: You have a blog about natural cosmetics. You need fresh material to integrate in your blog posts. Type in Yahoo! Answers search engine “natural cosmetics”. You’ll find questions about new and old subjects related to your main topic.

It’s all about people interests, trying to satisfy their requests you’ll get yours in return.

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