Make money online posting different sort of files is a marketplace where you can upload and sell (or buy) documents, templates, images, fictions, stories, Photoshop's graphic project (PSD), and more. Registration is FREE and simple, and you can decide the price of your files. But remember that you can’t upload anything that you don’t own copyrights. Currently has an Alexa rank of 458,104 - online from 2008. A good site to make extra cash.

How Do I Sell Documents (or other files)?
1. Log in
2. Click on “Upload”
3. Select the files you want to sell from your PC. To select multiple files, use the ctrl or shift key on your PC, or apple or shift key on your Mac.
4. Enter relevant information on your documents e.g. description, tags, price, copyright, etc.
5. Click “Upload”

How Do I Get Paid?
1. Go into “My Gazhoo”
2. Click on “Cash Balance”
3. Click on “Withdraw Funds”
4. Read instructions carefully and enter amount to be withdrawn.
5. Gazhoo will process your withdrawal usually within 24 hours by paying your funds to your Paypal account.
6. Gazhoo charges 30% fee on the gross sales of your documents i.e. if you sell a document for $2.00, you will receive $1.40.

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