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There are many services that pay writers for posting articles, and some of these was been already mentioned in this blog, like Associate Content , , and others easily searchable on search engines. And if you have a blog that you need to update constantly, you have to post fresh content, articles and so on. Article directories - Make money online blogging, step-by-step basic tutorial – also are great to gain backlinks and visitors. However sometimes is difficult for beginners to collect ideas into valuable articles.

What are the basic rules to write a good, fluent and understandable article?

I take in example a business article, supposing that with it you have to show the best features of something you want to sell, ebooks or anything it is. You must have mastery of the subject. Before writing anything, think about the audience that will read your work, if you want to direct it to adults, teenagers or everyone. According to this, choose the most suitable language text.

If your article has to be search engine friendly, therefore not only informative, there are other important keys to incorporate in your article. Without lose the main target, catch the reader’s interest. Talking about keywords, if your article has to be found on search engine for defined keys then you have to include them in the title, most important, and more than one time in the full text.

If the aim of your article is to make people read it, and just this, there is no need to embed backlinks or explicated URL. But if you want your readers to click on links, you must add them as backlinks (keyword backlinks, anchor=keyword), the right number, 3 times is sufficient.

Attract users and provide them with information and interesting arguments so they will be willing to put a backlink to your article on they Webspaces and share it with others.

Back to the basic rules for moneymaker articles, first: Original informative content, then, language ability related to the targeted audience, backlinks with specific keywords that point to external related Websites.

Methods. A good introduction article, of any business object, is much more persuasive of a set of words that just say to click a link.

- Write an introduction – 100 words should be enough to catch readers attention. The first lines are more important, they may hold a reader or convince him that he does not need to continue reading.
- Add a specific point of view that must say implicitly to your audience that they could need the information included in this article.
- Show problems and benefits that are directly linked by the subject of your article
- Your conclusions have to be at least hinted in the last part of the article, even if you point to ensure that the links will be clicked.
- Length – often there is no need to write thousands of words to clear your thought, and it’s better to not annoy people writing many sentences that in the end say all the same thing.
- Read all your writing from top to bottom before posting it anywhere.

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