Camelback Displays products

by a frined of Camelback Displays

Camelback Displays, Inc. is the leader in designing and supplying portable trade show exhibits to customers all over the world.

The company offers a wide range of exhibits from table top to full island displays using large graphics, truss, pop-ups, panel systems, and hybrid systems.

Their company goal is always to be on the leading edge of exhibiting and customer service. After handling over Camelback has handled over 16,000 projects over the years from start to finish for various large and small projects.

Camelback also offers all types of event table covers. They can be printed in a number of ways, from full color printing to silk screening. They have done all kinds of custom work for this product group, so the sky is the limit on what can be offered. Their table covers are not just for trade shows either. The hospitality industry is a big customer of Camelback’s as well as many universities, organizations, hotel chains, churches and government agencies.

Table top displays can be provided by Camelback and also take many forms including pop-ups, brief case style, hybrids, and panel systems. Mural graphics can be applied and the systems are convenient to travel with and set up quickly.

Beyond this, Camelback is committed to high quality, portable products that meet the needs of any company exhibiting at trade shows, conventions or any special event.

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