Solvent Recovery Systems by NexGen Enviro Systems Inc.

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In the ambit of the treatment of gas emissions (volatile organic compounds or volatile organic compounds) that allow the solvent recovery, NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. proposes innovative processes for the solution of the problem, from both ecological and economic point of view. Main application areas: in manufacturing, industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, etc) and fabrication sites.

The recovery of solvent is carried out using a solvent recovery system which allows a genuine cost savings and nevertheless an effective use of renewable sources; ensuring, after all, a minor ecological impact by the elimination of harmful substances to humans and nature.

Especially in the last decades, the problem concerning the waste management, in relation to the global warming, stimulates to find new valuable solutions to minimize the slags produced by the disposal that would prejudice the ambient and the amount of material that requires to be eliminated. The use of a waste recovery system may save still reusable items instead to bury them in a landfill. This is as much valid for solvents recovery, through distillation executed by professional solvent recovery system.

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