Writing on money. Handy, funny or just disrespectful?

Often happened to receive cash with a written note above. People write several things on money, phone numbers, lists, meaningless words and not very nice words, dedications of love, and much more. Here there are many examples - throughout this premise the point is, what is the average life of a banknote and for how many hands passes before stopping circulates?

Supposing to write anything on a banknote, most likely millions of people will touch it and maybe half of those will read what is written on. Imagine to write a web URL on ten-dollars bill, above all the people who will read these two lines, how many will reach your URL address?

This is what made a friend of a friend of mine. But, is it illegal to write on money? Yes and no, it is not persecuted in many countries if that writing does not alter the banknote itself to confuse its true value.

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