Adbrite plus Snap LinkAds

From a few months Adbrite started to show Snap LinkAds a lot more than the previous text ads (Adsense style) in its publishers' sites. 

Snap is one of the largest distributed media networks on the Internet, already reaching 9% of the US audience and 35 million unique global users each month in 48 languages. Over 100 times per second, we reveal the content that users want, in the best form possible, and deliver it to them right where they are, without forcing them to click links or conduct searches.

Our Snap Shots products are used on over 2,000,000 websites and blogs, who appreciate the improved experience we provide their users along with the additional advertising inventory we create. Our Engage products help major content owners add depth to their own offerings and extend their reach across our network to build awareness, traffic and revenue. Together, they comprise a complete solution that’s helping to reaggregate content and users in an increasingly fragmented Internet.

Launched in 2006 by Founders Bill Gross and Tom McGovern, Snap is backed by Mayfield Fund and Idealab. We are always open to build new relationships with Publishers, Advertisers and building our Team.

Adbrite is a great alternative to Google Adsense, never had any rethinking on this fact. I'm using both righ now, Adbrite ads on this site made me earn an average of 0,30-1,00 dollars per click,  just lately the gains are varied to worse (maybe is just my case) since Snap LinkAds appeared in the place of the classic ads. Now I do not know what to think, if this is a test from Adbrite team or if they have permanently changed their publishers option to make money online

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