Automatic use of Yahoo! Answers to populate your new Forum


- No need to post hundreds of new topics by yourself to fill up your new empty board.
- Extracting new questions from Yahoo! Answers will ensure that these can be answered automatically as it happens.
- Your forum can run on autopilot, threads will be started, answered, and updated automatically.


- In some board, like phpBB3 for example, the questions that exceed a certain length are cut, therefore the title of your topic may end with a word cut or an incomplete sentence, like: How to make money online using a free sy
- Having to grant access to your forum at the script that the services below offer, defenses against spam are lower because you have to consent automatic registration. [phpBB, Invision, vBulletin, SMF]

With JetConvo Full Edition ($47/year) you can:

  • Automatically populate an UNLIMITED number of forum categories on autopilot! Yes this means you can have different keyword specific posts for each sub-forum on your forum
  • Have posts appear daily on a time delay so any visitor sees nothing more then an active forum that gets new posts daily by its members.
  • Logical, Related, Interesting content Auto posted daily
  • Complete control over post signatures
  • 5000 threads & answers per day
  • Unlimited sub-forum, keywords, and more
  • Automatic creation of all new user accounts for posting!

With JetConvo Free Edition you have:

  • Automatic posts are limited to 5 threads per day
  • Limit to 20 threads per subforum
  • The signature is locked and it will show link [VBulletin 3.x, Invision Board (IPB) 2.3.x, PHP-Nuke. phpBB, Simple Machines Forum (SMF)]

Features Account, $70 one time payment:

  • Forum Posts Generation (Specify Keywords)
  • Fresh user generated content (No chat bots)
  • Supports unlimited threads/forums
  • Large variety of topics
  • Automatic user account creation
  • Easy installation - Upload and run!
  • Realistic posting time intervals
  • Unique Content! (Duplicate content prevention)
  • Works with various forum systems
  • Easy setup and installation
  • No alteration of existing forum database
  • Secure Administration
  • No programming knowledge required!
  • User-friendly GUI interface
  • Lifetime updates and support
  • Customer Pages

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