Online shopping | relationship between scam, buyer and seller

Unfortunately there is a sea of scams on Internet, today there is a greater attention on preserving the buyers, but still some unscrupulous people can not wait to steal money from the others. Although for the purchase of ebooks, software and virtual material (direct download) there is greater safety (support is another thing), unfortunately we can not say the same for material objects.

When you go into a shop near your house to buy something that interests you, if the item you're buying is broken or damaged, once at home where you notice it, you may always go back and talk face to face with the seller. But online? If something is not going good you can’t go through your PC monitor and kick the seller a$$. Buying online is often very convenient and according to some measure you can reduced the risks to zero.

What should do a person who likes to buy online? First, there are some key things we should know and relate these websites: [where you can search for products, best prices and reviews] – Why is so important to read the opinions of other buyers? Simply because you will know in advance the average evaluation of the item that you'd like to buy, with pros and cons. [where you can find products price comparisons & store ratings] – This is a resource a lot helpful if you have found an online store and you are uncertain to trust it. is rated 9.1 for example, safe enough.

Check if there is a padlock when you are making a transaction online for any shop. If not the site is suspicious.

And sellers, what should they do to get the trust of potential customers? Being honest and available to dialogue, whether the customers send you an email to ask explanations about something, not disappoint them by ignoring them.

Better to say things just for those who are, not lies or false promises. If a buyer is satisfied with the item that has bought from you will speak well about you to other people. If not, the buyer will speak evil of you to many other people.

And this is likewise valid to make money online with a website.

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