SearchWiki: Google buttons to Promote and Remove website

SearchWiki lets you customize your Google Web Search results by ranking, removing, and adding notes to them. You'll see your changes whenever you do the same searches while signed in to your Google Account, or until you decide to undo them. You can also see how other users have tailored any given search results page with their own notes and changes.

Some time ago, browsing through the pages of Google, appeared something new. Usually, when something changes on Google pages, you immediately detect it, Google home is so plain. But somethimes the little changes may escape. Did you ever notice this two new icons?

What are they? Can those two buttons affect the position of the web pages? No.

Your rankings and comments are associated with your Google Account, so they affect only your search result rankings. A listing of your changes is visible on your 'SearchWiki notes' page, which is visible only to you.

In fact, you can see those two icons just when you’re logged in a Google account. In practice they may be useful to build a search engine with your preferences always activated when you log in your Google account.

It’s a pity, at the start some webmasters were just thinking to resolve all their promotional campaign pains with just one or two clicks ;)

Source: Google guide

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