Articles, blogs and search engine conflicts. Hubpages, squidoo, ehow, zimbio.

What happens if you post the same article, that was previous posted in your blog, on one, or all, of these services? It will engendered what might be termed a conflict of interest, because this article will be considered like duplicate content by the most famous search engine.

How to avoid this? Yes, just what you’re thinking, the best thing to do is write different articles for each one of the service mentioned, with the same infos and links but changing the periods and some words.

How to do it? If you don’t want to write down, one by one, the articles there is another solution, automatic speech recognition softwares for dictation:

IBM ViaVoice – price: from $30 (standard) to $200 (Pro)
e-Speaking – price: $14
Dragon Naturally Speaking – price: from $99.99 (standard)

Otherwise, you can buy original articles at for example - see Constant Content: where to sell your articles, photos and video online.

Constant-Content is the place to purchase unique, original content. Browse through the large archives of articles that authors have listed for sale, request content for your project and liaise with new writers
– then add your links and post it, severals are really cheap.

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