Internet business, how to build an e-commerce site

Often in this blog we talked about how to make money online, how to optimize a website, or a blog, how to get traffic, about scams and honest opportunities; now it’s time to learn something about how to open an electronic commerce site without too much work. Why e-commerce? I’m sure that you already know that people buy online a lot, a lot more than I thought three years ago. So, if you have something to sell and don’t want to invest a big amount of money to open a shop in your city, nothing is better than electronic commerce. E-commerce is still growing year after year.

Key-factors for success in e-commerce:

  1. Valuable and competitive product(s)
  2. Provide a detailed description for every single product. You have to be more explicative of a bored salesman in the shop along a city street.
  3. You need to build a good website with a good graphic. The right choose of colours is the major key, not too bright or too unfriendly. Ii is better to present each product with a photo.
  4. The discounts are always welcomed by customers.
  5. Reliability and security. See last periods of this post: Online shopping | relationship between scam, buyer and seller
  6. Payment protected. Paypal, HTTPS. Money back warranty for a limited time.
  7. Entrust your consignments to good postal services
  8. Know the law about online shopping and e-commerce websites in your country

E-commerce Script:

osCommerce FREE
CubeCart v3 FREE
Zen Cart FREE
CosmoSoft (fx) F-Cart Paypal Standalone (commercial) license price: $59,60
CS-Cart (commercial) license price: $265

Now, some other tips about the products you’re going to sell. What could you vend through an e-commerce site? Well, think about e-bay or Amazon, what they are if not e-commerce websites?
If you don’t have anything in mind yet, I can show some suggestions:

  1. Sell original items. To owe, or give like a gift, something unique is often the preferred choice by people:
    1. Embroideries, tablecloths, rag dolls, vintage fabrics
    2. Paints made by you or your family, jewellery made by you, trinket
    3. Wooden models, wooden boxes, etc.
  2. Sell clothes (You must have the rights to sell)
  3. Sell Books (You must have the rights to sell)
  4. Sell Personalized Item. T-Shirts, caps, key rings (you have to have professional machines for printing on fabric, like serigraphy)
  5. Sell Internet merchandise (You must have the rights to sell):
    1. Software, hardware
    2. Web Template
    3. Script
    4. E-books
  6. Etcetera, etcetera.

At last, there is no need to be an internet expert to run an e-commerce site and there is no need to spend a lot of money to find a good host: E-commerce hosting (Hostmonster and some others in the list have Simple Script, it will install and update CubeCart, ZenCart, OSCommerce automatically).

Helpful sources:
What is it the best traffic resource?
Traffic Detonator Pro, by Susan (Suzi) Phillips
EasyHits4u, not on autopilot but free traffic for real

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