Make money sharing files with Slingfile is a free file hosting service like Megaupload, Rapidshare, Sendspace, but there is a fundamental difference between them, SlingFile pays you for hosting files, every time they are viewed or downloaded.

Membership Benefits:

  • FREE Registration
  • Max. 1 GB per file
  • - You earn 1 point per file download/view
  • - 1000 points = $1 USD
  • - Payout via PayPal
  • - $50 payout minimum
  • - Payment is sent every month net 20 (20 days after the month ends)
  • Easy access and management of your files
  • Site available in various languages

Then, promoting your files will not be very hard, for example, Yahoo! Answer or YouTube are good (often if people like a video on YouTube, they will like more an URL to download it). There are a lot of places where to post them.

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