Opera mirror list, a good chance to give and get

This post is directed to self hosted website/blog, therefore to webmasters that have complete control of their domain. To host a mirror download for Opera browser in return of a link on this page: Opera mirror list that create more public exposure for your site. I don’t have to say how many people go on that page everyday.

Opera Mirroring Specifications

Opera is striving to see its browser files mirrored on reputable file servers throughout the world. To this end, we'd like to offer you this opportunity to become an official Opera mirror.

After reading the following specifications, if you'd like rsync access to automatically mirror Opera's browser files on your server for public access, please fill out the mirror registration form.


You should have the following system options available:

  • Approximately 3.5 GB of server space
  • The following MIME Type settings should be set your mirror server:
    • application/x-redhat-package-manager rpm
    • application/x-debian-package deb
  • RSYNC read-only transfer protocols to auto-sync to Opera's FTP server.
    Note: You can reference this program at rsync.samba.org

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