What Google likes and what people look for connection

Google likes most:
  • Blogs
    • With original content
    • Updated regularly
    • Posts with a fairly good number of relative comments [No Spam]
    • Not too heavy to load [near to 100Kb is the best solution]
    • With links related, inbound and outbound
    • With emphasis [italic, stronger] on major keyword
    • With HTML code without too much error [The W3C Markup Validation Service]
  • Interactive sites
    • Forums, notice boards and similar.
    • With most original and a large number of pertinent topics
    • With a fairly good number of active users
    • Based on a SEO friendly script

Google likes also what people like most:

  • Good and informative content
    • If you write a unique article, there is a strong possibility to see your page above thousands of look alike pages.
  • Simplicity of navigation [not too many ads banners, advertises, and pop-ups]
  • Answers to the questions that they have in mind when they choose to type some keyword in a search engine like Google
    • If you title a page: “How to make money with private entrepreneurship”, don’t write a good 5000 words article about how to make money in general but focus on the specific topic “private entrepreneurship”, in order to satisfy the visitors that will come on your page with that keyword.
  • To say their opinion about anything [polls, comments, forum posts]
  • To find a page with the language appropriate to its own expectations. This can be assessed according to the visitors who are expected to read it, if children, adults, technicians, experts, etc.

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