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hypothesis of blogspot pro blogsStarting from not so long ago, and in recent times in particular, I’m sure that many of you, bloggers that use Blogger platform, have noticed that often (and this “often” is what makes me think about it) when you’re posting a comment in others blogs (mostly wordpress) or articles directories, it happens that you can’t effectively post anything if you add your site like, why? Because they added domain in their refused list, cause they received a lot of SPAM from this domain.

I wouldn’t say that this is a catastrophe, except if you point all your backlinks source from comments on other blogs. Yes, because not only many of them have a Nofollow tag, now the few Dofollow remarkable blogs are even more restricted for blogs with a domain.

From a point of view is more than understandable to preserve your blog from spam comments, but on the other hand this harm the honest bloggers who just try to participate in the debate with the chance to present their site, maybe just opened.

What can be done about this?

There are softwares that allow you to search for Dofollow blogs or search engines for do follow blogs, the firsts give to you more information (like PR), the seconds are FREE and more simple to use. Some example:

Search engines:


In alternative you can buy a domain and redirect your blog to that new address. This, which seems the most simple and fast solution, in fact conceals a major hitch, if your blog is well placed in search engines with the blogspot domain then all the process can be long and arduous, you have to start promotion all over again.

In the end, the free blog platforms become more and more penalized in one way or another, so if you can, you that are just thinking about entering the wonderful world of bloggers, take immediately into consideration the idea of buying a personal domain, because it's all another thing.

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