Crack, serial, torrent. You can use the force of these words legally to boost your make money biz

If you’re thinking that I support illegal files distribution, the answer is NO, I don’t. Nevertheless believe me if I say that adding words like torrent, serial, crack and similar, in an article about the presentation of a certain product can make reach your website by a lot more interested people. Is not something discovered yesterday and remember that, apart from adult content, the three words in the title of this post are at the first positions in the top ten of global search engines.

Before to focus on the topic, please do a little research on Google, typing “twittertraffic machines torrent”, just to show an example, and look at this third link:

The author of the article on Hubpages has astutely added this line “Twitter Traffic Machine For Free/Torrent/Download”

Or look at this other example “seo administrator crack”

The sixth result is a software directory, in this specific page we read at the bottom:

"SEO Administrator 4.23 Related Tags
seo administrator crack, seo administrator serial, seo , seo elitetool, seo book, seo analyzer, seo elitesoftware, seo tutorials"

But every linked tag point obviously to the same page. Remember that crack, serial and copyrighted files unauthorized distribution is ILLEGAL.

Now that the picture is clearer, try to see how you can take advantage of these keywords in articles, web pages and blog post writing. Where? How? Maybe the best place to put a line or two, is at the bottom of your article. You do not have to write, find here link a crack for this or a serial for that, remember to encourage not illegal activity. You can simply write that download product_name torrent, product_name serial, product_name crack, etcetera, is illegal.

In brief, the aim is to add crack and serial to content to gain more visitors and even sales. It is used by a lot of websites, because people search online almost always for a FREE alternative to a program or ebook. They give it a try, and if these people (many people) happen to come to your web page, at least your traffic will benefit and they may can decide to buy an original version.

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