Traffic is not everything to make money online, 8 suggestions

Although the main concern is to get more visitors as possible, is not enough to ensure success. Previously we have talked about good content and useful tips, but gain and amount of hits towards a site does not promise an equal number of profits. How to get the most out from visits?

Try to see your site by the visitor view. I know it’s hard to imagine to see your site for the first time after opened it for the umpteenth time, but you can ask for help to one of your friends of relative. So you can correct any problems about the graphics definition. What seem nasty to you, will probably also annoy others.

Eliminate confusion. A website can contain a sea of information, but must all be connected and divided in following pages, it’s unthinkable to store a quantity of information equal to a book only on a home page, for example. I have often visited web pages that also weighed 1 MB, only the text, a little discouraging to read, don’t you think?

Each site has its own needs. There are sites that sell products and those who rely on advertising all the revenues - Better point on PPC Advertising or Affiliation to make money online? - they have to be organized in different ways.

Give to visitors what they expect to find on the first visual impact. If they are images, videos or text, the important thing is that immediately jumps to the eye.

Less Popup the better. More than one I think is really annoying. Ensure the visitor the freedom to choose where to go is a good thing.

Clarity. If you have to say (write) something, say it without turning around it for too long, the periphrasis are tiring.

Capture visual/mental attention. Banner goes for the visual of course and text for the mental attention. Mix the two things? Text within images, banner. Do tests by yourself, visit some web sites and note what catches your attention first.

Moderates the use of superlatives. Many are fed up with reading words like the best, the greatest, the fastest, etcetera. Simply people just tend to take more superficial words like these matched with online products, especially today, unless justified by valid proofs.

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