How webmasters influence their keywords position

What’s the meaning behind this post title? Well, if you are a webmaster the next example will clarify everything about it. The main concept spin around these three situations: a webmaster build a new project (or niche), then they choose the keywords for that niche and eventually the webmaster check for the site’s evolution in the web.

In simple terms, every time that a webmaster search for a date keyword on or Yahoo! or any other search engine they change the keyword position in the list of the most searched, mostly if it is a less famous keyword.

Take Google Adwords Tool for keywords:

Using this tool you can have approximatively the state of a keyword in any place of the world, nearly in real time. So, what happens if a few thousands of webmasters are checking everyday their site position on for a keyword like “make money at home” or “make money online”?

At the end, every search engine esteem will be deeply influenced by a large (if the keyword is relatively popular) group of webmasters that are trying to check a site position under that keyword.

To consider that, this idea is to be weighed according to the keyword importance and typology. The keywords regard
make money business
online are, usually, searched by a low percentage of people compared to keyword of public domain such as “free music mp3” for example. In the latter case, the relationship between webmasters research and all the other people research will be insignificant.

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