Make money writing forum posts

Another way to make money online without a website and its complication: write post for money. There's nothing better than make money writing of things that we care about. Knowing English and grammar it may become a funnny and interesting part-time job.

Ideal Posting

Interested in getting paid to talk about the stuff you like? Join the talented group of Ideal Posters. Get paid up to $.50 per post (approx $20 per hour). Only write about the topics you are interested in. Enjoy participating in forums and get paid for it!


Have some free time on your hands? Love to talk online? Get paid to talk about things you are interested in. Browse through our directory of forums and choose forums with topics you like. Make money for posting in those forums. The better and more you post, the more you get paid (Paypal).


ForumBoosting is always looking for skilled people that may be useful in improving the Company's work in anyway. Do you think to be good in Content writing, SEO or paid forum posting? Do you want to have a real job on the net, working with nice people and getting good money?


We are currently hiring contract writers to do article writing, paid forum posts, and custom writing tasks. With ContentCurrent you have the opportunity to work the hours you want and get paid every week. All you need is an internet connection and you can be making money.
As a Content Current writer you will be able to pick the writing tasks that you like and submit them through our easy-to-use interface.
There are thousands of writing tasks waiting to be completed on ContentCurrent right now.

Kickstart Your Forums

Pay varies per job depending on the type of plan our clients choose. Our posters make a minimum of .20 cents per post, with other jobs paying much more than that. All posters are paid on the completion of the entire project via PayPal. Other payment arrangements can be made if necessary.

Best Forum Posting

To join our team of freelance writers, editors, paid forum posters, content writers it is important that candidates are loyal, diligent, and hardworking individuals that are committed to making successful. Our writers are very important to us and we understand that they represent our company. That is why we make it a priority to screen our applicants thoroughly.

Wired Flame

We're always hiring. I've had a flurry of e-mails from individuals asking us if we're hiring. Wired Flame are always hiring! Naturally we're always on the lookout for new and talented writers. All you have to do is sign up and submit a writer application form at the top of your account page. We'll then consider!

Forum Advantage

Once registered as a member of our forum you will be able to see the area called Proving Grounds. You will be required to make seven trial posts there before the management team will review your posts to make sure that you meet our required standards. The Proving Ground area is setup specifically for new members to post sample posts before being reviewed. Once your seventh post has been made you will be reviewed by our management team in a timely manner.

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