If you really want to make money online, then, never give up.

Someone will tell you that make money online, with internet, is a nonsense, many others may tell you that is as simple as open a jam tin, none of the two choices are true. Until now, in this blog we talked about many of the easy and hard things in making money online but the most important rule to gain success is defined by your determination. If you want, you can do it; if you may want, you may can do it, if you do not really want it, you never get it.

What’s easy and what’s not? Some examples…

To open a blog is really easy, blogger, Wordpress… All free, and write posts and article can be easy if the topics you deal with are familiar to you.

To open a website is as easy but needs a little amount of self-confidence, well, you have to invest some money.

Sign up for Google AdSense is so easy like 1,2,3. Instead, maintaining your AdSense account requires some common sense.

Build a decent number of backlinks is not so easy. Nonetheless, even 3 more links per day, with no more than one hour a day, is enough to make your personal Web space steps forward.

Don’t lose your willpower after many nulled efforts is really hard, and yet, every time you start from zero, after mistakes and bad attempts, you will have more experience points to play.

Unfortunately time and excitement don’t travel in parallel lane. It’s hard to wait for results but when that happen to come, it’s worth all the moments spent in expectation.

Sometimes your family may not support you at all, that’s really hard to bear. But, prove with facts that you were right is priceless.

Indexing your new WebSpace is enough easy, just a matter of time, to position your site on the top 10 results in the most famous search engine is hard but not impossible. To satisfy Yahoo.com position requirements is enough simple, to satisfy Google’s is moderately hard.

To make tests with your already positioned Website is really hard, to make tests with an expressly test created site is easy.

So, easy or hard, don’t give up! You can learn

how to write good content


how to build a blog

or understand the language of search engines, there are many good guides online and you may want to learn how to avoid scams.
Willingness --> Training --> Time --> Results.

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