Make money business, recap after summer

Hi to everyone! September is already started and I haven’t posted anything yet, I have to take care of this. I must admit that during summer I was very lazy about blogging, I thought that if I left internet for more than three days I would have missed it and instead is was pretty good to stay disconnected from the virtual world, even if just for few days.

Here in Italy there were up to 40 Celsius grades, like 105 Fahrenheit. Anyway, the last news about the online make money business and a recap of the last months, all these topic are discussed in this blog:

  • Twitter, Myspace, Yahoo Answers!, Youtube are free innovative services where to promote your business.
  • Microsoft new born search engine, Bing, is doing good.
  • Google algorithm changed further its features (canonical, page weight, content quality…) [See Matt Cutts blog].
  • DoFollow blogs are what you need to promote you websites for free, online there are list like this, often given away after payments:
  • Adbrite is still showing Snap LinkAds ads, I suppose that its customers complains were useless
  • PageRank updates are most frequent
  • Squidoo Hubpages, squidoo, ehow, zimbio and similar are the best free alternative to a personal website.
  • Yahoo! Publisher Network is a still a Beta Program unavailable for non-US members.

I think these are the new main subjects discussed here starting from January 2009.

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