Google Adsense, 10 gold tips

  1. To remember: no more than 3 ads for content units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes per webpage. Do not pass these limits.
  2. Be careful before to add your ads in another website. If you're not sure if the website's content is under Google rules or not, contact them or post your question in Adsense FORUM. Even a woman in bikini can go under Google ban target.
  3. Do not click on your own ads, even if they really interest you.
  4. Do not put Google ads in pop-ups.
  5. You can give your Google adsense code to a freind to make him add it in his website (under Google rules).
  6. If you have a big amount of concurrents, SERP rivals, they can play a bad joke to you stealing your adsense code, posting it on another website (porn for example) and make you banned. Use the limitation option in "Allowed sites" in your account - allowed sites are sites or URLs on which AdSense publishers allow or wish to have their Google ads displayed - every click on your ads outside your allowed links are null.
  7. Remember to not make your content ads a lot showy, like too bright colours, instead, integrate them in the site making them almost indistinguishable from it.
  8. Adsense hot position:
  9. The first ad of a set of 3, for example, is always the best paid -->
  10. Read the tips above occasionally.

Ok, if I'll remember other suggestions, I'll post them in this poster. Next time!

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