Identity theft, learn how to protect yourself

How to avoid being a victim of identity theft

Maybe until now you never heard of it but, in the last years, the identity theft phenomenon has affected millions of people around the world. How can someone steal your identity? Theft of wallet, bills thrown in the trash reporting the name and last name, information stolen from internet accounts (phishing), credit card fraud (skimming), SMS scam, fake statistical questionnaires or infos gained by false friends. Why someone should steal your identity? If it’s not for a joke, unfortunately, the most common reason is for criminal intent.

Usually the victim realizes too late or when the damage is already done, both in monetary terms and in protection of the image and reputation. To demand the protection of privacy, where possible, is one of the most effective methods to defend your identity, whether in offices, schools, shops or houses in condominium.

Often, in spite of all the systems in place that you can adopt to protect your identity, is not so simply on your own. IdentityHawk offers a service specifically designed to defend yourself against identity thieves, helps you to find out where your identity is most at risk and what to do to best protect it. IdentityHawk is a fast and reliable identity theft protection, which is based on the latest technologies, a system ready to alert you in a very short time for any unusual or suspicious movements that might damage your identity.

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