Pop Up Displays, simple, fast and efficient way to gain attention

If you need something practical, easy to carry, of various sizes and shapes and that sets up in less than ten minutes (without the use of tools) for the inauguration of a shop, a presentation, an exhibition, a conference or any event that requires a portable display wall: pop up displays are ideal for any areas in general.

Pop up trade show displays are made essentially of a trellis frame bracket, magnetic bars for vertical mounting of graphic panels, the panels themselves, the adhesive tape applied to the back of each panel and the light system. The graphic panels are flexible and made of laminated photographic paper or PVC. If graphic ready, the panels are made of fabric on which you can apply logos and posters with simple velcro.

Being flexible, trade show pop up are wrapped and stored for easy transport. On the back of each panel are applied hooks and flexible magnetic strips on the sides to fix the panels to the frame. All the pop up booths structure (including graphic panels, light system and magnetic bars) is easily transportable in one container, if necessary, this container can also be used as a desk if covered with tissue or graphic panel too. The container has wheels and handles for easy moving.

How much can cost a pop up display? It depends on the shape, size and structure. For example, a Pop Up 3x3 has 3 modules of frame in both height and width, while a 3x4 has 3 modules in height and 4 modules in width.

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